Reweiew, Cocktail Slippers cocert at Gamla, Oslo May 3.rd 2003

Rocking airhostesses and organ-intoxication

(Oslo/Spot) Four rocking girls in 50s inspired airhostess dresses.
Cocktail Slippers deliver upbeat and captivating songs. Saturday they played at Gamla.

By Lars Georg Fordal
It's obvious that the Cocktail Slippers have a lot of fun on stage. Their good mood is contagious. It's hard not to start smiling when they ladle out their energetic, sometimes punky or rockabilly powerpop.

Lisa Farfisas fresh organ tones give psychedelic associations to the 60s.

The guitarplayer, Rocket Queen, moves from genre to genre and sings on most of the tunes. Steady bass and quick sticks lead to a good groove.
A few of the songs from the coming record reveal desert-rock experimentation with Lisa on vocals. The juggling of lead vocal makes for a better, more varied sound.

The video for Oh Boy is being showed on nrk2 these days. Last year they released the debut record Rock It, and they are soon to enter the studio again. You can hear the Cocktail girls on their homepages. We look forward to a new record from this effervescent gang!

Rewiew, Cocktail Slippers´ debut album "Rock It!"

MUSIKKAVISEN, May 3rd 2002
Artist: Cocktail Slippers
Album: Rock It
Label: MTG Records

The Cocktail Slippers music is on the border between rock and roll and punk. Grooving rock songs, accompanied by an intense Farfisa organ. Good, hummable tunes with a good flow. Could you ask for more?

There are may great songs on this record, but the opening track "Here We Go" and "Hold Me" are my personal favourites. In addition, the record closes on a strong note with "Out of My Head", "Goodbye" and "Rock'n'Roll Babe".
Not to interfere in the way the songs are laid out on this record, but it seems somewhat strange that the absolute high points come towards the end of the record.

Recommendation: .... this is a great record to start listening to great norwegian girl bands.............

Text by Thomas Hansen

PANORAMA May 29th 2002

From time to time, you come across records that first and foremost speak to your smile and your urge to dance. Within rock music, Danko Jones and Kiss have both assumed this role. One may have a deeper agenda, but that is secondary.
With "Rock It", the Cocktail Slippers have taken a step closer to this.

Some music is made for those quiet times at home, while other music is made for the dance floor and the party pad. Rock It is probably directed more towards the latter, and the Cocktail Slippers hold a strong and sure course towards their goal with their straightforward rock and good mood. The songs are short, fast joy-bringers, often based on the relationship between boy and girl.

Songwise, these girls are from the asme school as the Kung Fu Girls and their garage-rock friends. It all sounds very simple and uncomplicated, with Rocket Queen taking the lead vocal on most songs and Lisa Farfisa (organ) visiting on two tracks (Oh Boy and The Fool). Behind them Tammy Sticks and Sugar Cane keep the groove going on drums and bass respectively.
On tracks like Goodbye and the final track Rock`N`Roll Babe the chemistry between them works very well. Here the girls provide a easy sound that catches the listener from the moment the stylus hits the groove.

But the Cocktail Slippers main weapon may also be their greatest enemy. The simple orchestration leads to less variety between the songs. This puts a greater strain on the quartets melodies. In some instances, they do not hit the target so well and these remain somewhat anonymous. But in other places, the groove is really there, like on the aforementioned Oh Boy and Rock`N`Roll Babe. Both of these are uptempo energy-pills that bring the record forward to an even faster exit.

.....Rock It! Is a great record that has been released at just the right time in this beautiful spring. This is the record for late afternoons in the park with barbecues, ball games and smiling friends.

Yours truly plans to follow the recommendation from the band at the end of the record:
"Thank you for flying with the Cocktail Slippers. Hope to see you soon, thank you and good night". When is the next flight?