Little Stevens International Underground Garagerock Festival 2004

"We'll catch a real cool breeze spelled with a C:
Cocktail Slippers, Creation, Chesterfield Kings, Chocolate Watch Band, Creatures, Caesars and Cynics. There's also Romantics, Dolls, Nancy, and other Pretty Things..."
"...It don't get no cooler than this.
It's Festivals Are Us, this weekend, in the Underground Garage."

~Little Steven~

Cocktail Slippers rocked Randalls Island, NYC 14th of August was the day of the first of Steven Van Zants "Little Stevens International Underground Garage Festival" Along with great bands such as Iggy Pop And The Stooges, The Strokes, Cynics and The Fuzztones, Cocktail Slippers performed live at a 60´s inspired stage for rock´n roll addicted americans in New York City.

During summer 2003 Cocktail Slippers were contacted by one of Little Stevens agents working for the radio show "Little Stevens Underground Garage" in New York City. The show has more than one million listeners accross the USA - and is still growing bigger.
The band was told that Little Steven had been playing their song "Rock´n Roll Babe" from the album "Rock It!" on his radio show and that they would like some more information about Cocktail Slippers. A good dialog between the station - Renegade Nation - and Cocktail Slippers was established. The band also made a jingle introducing "Little Stevens Underground Garage" and their own song "Rock´n Roll Babe."

Early in the year 2004 Cocktail Slippers were invited to play at "Little Stevens International Underground Garage Festival" in New Yok City and aprox. 6 months later the band played live at Randalls Island just outside of Harlem along with some of the greatest garagerock bands in history.
The stage was built to rotate so that when one band was getting ready to play their last tune - the stage started rotating and the next band was ready on the other side. Just as the stage was almost totally rotated the next band started playing. It was really a great sight. Unfortunately the wires and chains that made the stage rotate broke down after two hours and the rest of the day all bands had to go on stage in the traditional way.
As a result of the broken stage - and fear for the hurricane Chalie to hit New York later that same night - all bands had to cut down their acts with 5-10 minuttes. That ment that Cocktail Slippers did two songs at the festival. "Rock´n Roll Babe" and "Oh Boy" both from the record "Rock It!" And even though it was a short gig the crowd loved it!

About 70 go-go dancers were hired to dance along with the bands on stage. Each band had from 7 to 10 go-go dancers swinging to their tunes while performing live for the great crowd. The sight of the dancers was amazing. All of them in flashy hotpants, high hair and wigs.

Cocktail Slippers are still in contact with Renegade Nation and Little Steven, and "Rock´n Roll Babe" is still on heavy rotation on "Little Stevens Underground Garage."

Cocktail Slippers live at the festival

Little Steven showing Cocktail Slippers their trailerhome at the festival

Cocktail Slippers live at the festival

These bands were playing at the festival:

The Paybacks, The High Dials, The Woogles, The Chains, Caesars, Davie Allan And The Arrows, The Fondas, The Contrast, The Singles, The Shazam, Lyres, Jarvis Humby, The Star Spangles, Richard And The Young Lions, The Flaming Sideburns, The Fortyfives, The Cynics, The Charms, The Swinging Neckbreakers, Boss Martians, The Stems, The Creation, Gore Gore Girls, The Fleshtones, The Fuzztones, Chocolate Watchband, The Mooney Suzuki, Nancy Sinatra, The Pete Best Band, The Electric Prunes, Big Star, The Dictators, The D4, The Chesterfield Kings, Bo Diddley, The Raveonettes, The Romantics, The New York Dolls, The Pretty Things, Iggy Pop And The Stooges, The Strokes

"...Little Steven dusted off original rockers like the Electric Prunes and the Chocolate Watchband, '70s glam-punk from The Stooges and The Dictators, '80s and '90s revivalists like the Chesterfield Kings and the Cynics and modern-day mavericks of three-chord glory like the Gore Gore Girls, Norway's The Cocktail Slippers and The Strokes...."


"Honorable Mention by Robert Christgau /Village Voice

Rock It! MTG import
Go-Go's with heft by Norwegian gals in matching outfits ("Oh Boy," "Out of My Head")"


A few words from some of the people in the crowd:

"It was great seeing the Cocktail Slippers for the first time! I fell in love with them when I first heard "Rock'n'Roll Babe" on the Underground Garage, and I love the rest of their debut CD as well. I also got to meet them when they were out on the field, watching the festival, and they were really cool."

I just bought my ticket. Seeing both the Stooges and the New York Dolls on the same stage (albeit with different line-ups) is truly a gift from the gods.
And to make things even better, the Paybacks and the Cocktail Slippers will also be there. It doesn't get any better than that.

"The Cocktail Slippers: Oslo's answer to the Go-Go's, this all-female quartet has fun, fun, fun written all over them. Wearing matching Elvis-like white jumpsuits, their brief set included their shoulda-been-a-huge-hit, "Rock & Roll Babe." Extra good karma to them for wandering through the crowd, posing for endless photos with fans and rocking with abandon to the Dictators."

"Highlights for me were the many older bands, the two band competition winners, especially the Blackouts, the Cocktail Slippers, Richard and the Young Lions (that kid sang it, boy!) The Boss Martians, The Dictators were so awesome, Mr. BO DIDDLEY - the man could just walk on stage, sit down and tell you a story and that's all he had to do."

"BTW, I absolutely LOVED the go go girls! They were all hot and sexy and were a delightful surprise. I took a camera that night to the show, thinking I would take pictures of the bands, but I forgot all about them when I saw the go go girls. It was especially cool to see them dancing to "Personality Crisis" by the New York Dolls and "Rock'n'Roll Babe" by the Cocktail Slippers."

"... Hands up for our all time favorite entertainer Iggy Pop. We were lucky enough to get to meet him backstage at the festival. Highlights for us was NO FUN with Iggy Pop And The Stooges..."

Cocktail Slippers