Exclusive release party at LastTrain Thursday - September 30th - new album MASTERMIND out in stores October 11th 2004

Finally Cocktail Slippers new record is coming! To celebrate the upcoming album an exclusive release party was held at the legendary rock bar Last Train in Oslo September 30th. Free of charge;

* Mini concert with Cocktail Slippers * * the upportunity to pre-buy MASTERMIND and official T-shirts * * rock cocktails served at the bar *

October 11th the album MASTERMIND will be out in stores all over Norway - released by the Norwegian label MTG. The band has already recieved a lot of great responses from people who have heard a few or all songs from the upcoming album.
In a short while you´ll be able to buy the record - along with all other official Cocktail Slippers stuff and albums - right here on the official Cocktail Slippers web pages. The sites are now being updated and should be ready in a few weeks.