Cocktail Slippers Belgium Netherland Tour April 2004

Cocktail Slippers outside of Club 013 in Tilburg - Netherland
The housewives from Hell have left the kitchen. They went to a popular diamond producer in Antwerpen, stole some jewlery and ended up in jail. That was not because of the diamonds, but cause of their splendid rock`roll!!! 

The whole story took place in Belgium and Netherland in April 2004.

At Gerts´ diamond workshop in Antwerpen


Of course everything was about rock and roll! The girls went to Belgium the 22nd of April. They were picked up at the airport in Antwerpen in a big black van. Ludo and Gert, from the booking agency Surfing Airlines, drove the band to a lovely country house one hour drive through Belgium. This house belonged to Cocktail Slippers for 5 days.
Outside the hens were laying eggs, the goat drank milk while the rooster yelled "wake up girls, time for breakfast" about eigth o clock every morning...
The girls had a fabulous time in the garden where the sun was shining and AC/DC were playing loud on the stereo, while the rockmuscles just got filled up with new energy and prepared to rock Belgium.


April 22nd - Café Libertad - Leuven - Belgium

The first gig was at Cafe Libertad in Leuven
A small old bar with lots of attitude. The  university in Belgium is in Leuven, and that may explain why there were lots of students at the gig. Fun fun fun.

Of corse the airline messed up and left one of Cocktail Slippers´bags behind at the airport in Norway... It arrived Belgium safely the next day, but it resulted in the first Cocktail Slippers performance ever without costumes!
But what was really bad was the fact that the good people of Leuven didn´t get the chance to buy any of the cool Cocktail Slippers stuff... All CD´s, T-shirts and buttons were also in the lost luggage.


April 23rd - 013 - The Fuel Club - Tilburg - Netherland

Next day the housewives went to Netherland, to 013 in Tilburg.
It was time to rock the fine people of Netherland!! It`s not easy to understand their language, but the girls did understand that at the Fuel Club in the Bat Cave, is well known for the great concerts. A lot of good bands have been playing there before and after Cocktail Slippers. The band played for 200-300 enthusiastic boys and girls. A really friendly crowd!
And now the CD´s, T-shirts and costumes were where they should be - At the gig!


April 24th - de Brouillon - Cahier - Belgium

The third concert was back in Belgium. The girls went to a club called de Brouillon, in Cahier. This night Cocktail Slippers played a gig along with another band - the Moe Green Specials. The night ended in a big party, big hair and lots of dancing upstairs with more bands. What a marvelous night!


April 25th - State prison - Antwerpen - Belgium

The Housewives from Hell was really messed up. After the party the night before everything was turned upsidedown...
So Ludo and Gert decided to drive the girls to a prison.  "No guns" the sign outside said, so the girls had to throw away all of their pistols and riffles before they could enter the State Prison. But the clever housewives knew how to go free from doing time in jail. "If we play a consert for the prisoners, is that enough to make up for all the trouble?", the girls asked.
Gert and Ludo had become good friends with the band, so they thought it was a good idea, but on one condition; Give back all the diamonds you stole first. The girls did, and the concert went well.


April 25th - Ernesto´s - Sittard - Netherland

Now the girls were ready to rock Netherland again. Their last gig was at the very same night as they had escaped prison. When they arrived Sittard and Ernesto´s - a cool Mexican restaurant / pub, Ernesto himself welcomed them. They got a warm welcome with delicious food and drinks. Ernesto`s was small but cosy, the stage was really small - just approx. 3x2 meters. But this bar had the right mexican style with an attitude that meant lots of crazy people and hot temprature. The audience was fantastic and Cocktail Slippers delivered awesome rock`n roll all night long. Lots of fans, dancing and shouting!


Thanks to Gert and Ludo from Surfing Airlines who made this tour to Belgium and Netherland possible for Cocktail Slippers, the girls returned back to Norway the next morning. Tired, but with a lot of new inspiration and good memories.
Surfing Airlines are planning a new tour with Cocktail Slippers during spring time 2005. This time for about 10 days. The girls declare that they can´t wait to get back on tour with Gert and Ludo. Rock on!