The vinyl EP "Housewives From Hell" was released April 2004 by the Finish record label Bad Attitude Records. It is mixed and recorded by Sondre Larssen at SLProductions / Studio Laan summer 2003 - produced by Cocktail Slippers.

The EP contains four songs
SIDE A: Starlet Cole - Stop
SIDE B: Mastermind - Be My Boyfriend

The mix and production on this vinyl EP is not the same as it is on the album "Mastermind" all though the four songs are also represented there. (Clever minds might also notice that "Be My Boyfriend" is called "Hey" on the record "Mastermind"). "Housewives From Hell EP" is printed in a very small edition and there are only few EPs left for sale.

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You can also buy the EP directly from Bad Attitudes Records at their website - just search for Cocktail Slippers when you enter the site


Cover design and artwork on "Housewives From Hell" by Are Kleivan.
Cover photo on the EP by LP Lorentz.

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(Photo by Astrid Waller)